Our solutions provide the essential finance that a recruitment company needs to grow a contract and perm business with the comfort of knowing that cash flow will not hamper the most ambitious growth plans.

Genuine simplicity of use and crystal clear reporting at a glance will remove a significant admin burden to recruitment companies of all sizes.

Our solutions are not just finance – we aim to increase efficiency, security and information management to Recruiters aswell as their Clients and Contractors. Our solution provides a paperless environment where contractors can upload hours worked and expenses in seconds; this generates a timesheet for a client’s approval. Once approved contractor payments, recruiter payments, remittance notes and client invoices are all automatically generated. As a Recruiter the admin work is done for you but you will still have a live ‘window’ on the system to see when everything happens and view the margins that you are generating.

We have two essential solutions – Contract and Permanent. Both offer 100% finance, back office management, invoicing, payroll, credit control and bad debt insurance.