Contract Finance

3R Finance are able to give a flexible, low admin 100% finance solution. Our service offers a clear benefit to start-up recruitment companies or established businesses which have self-financing, invoice discounting or factoring facilities already in place.

3R Finance pay your contractors by Faster Payment within 2 working days after an authorised ‘timesheet’ is received.

  • No deadlines. No frustrated contractors who must wait a week to be paid having missed a deadline by an hour.
  • The automated authorisation process, allows hours to be approved at any time, even when contractor and authoriser are in different locations

When your Contractors are paid, your margin is calculated and paid on a weekly basis. Each weekly payment is clearly explained on a contractor by contractor statement, which is loaded weekly to your Back Office portal and stored for future reference.

You are not contracted to use 3R Finance to administer all of your contract business – you may choose to deal directly with prompt paying customers that you have a strong relationship with. However, we hope you will prefer to benefit from using our service for your whole contract plan and so we offer a unique rebate scheme, which pays you back a monthly lump sum against your clients who have paid within 7 or 14 days during the previous month – Some businesses are better than others: this scheme will ensure that we continue to provide the best value by scaling costs across a variety of customers.