Permanent Placements

3R Finance can be used to finance Perm Fees, so that you can be paid the same week that an invoice is presented to your client, rather than waiting up to 60 days for payment. Alternatively our services can be used without finance as an affordable way to outsource your entire back office process.

Our perm service offers ultimate flexibility – choose your solution to suit each individual vacancy. With a simple tick box, select ‘Paid on Invoice’ or the cheaper ‘Paid When Paid’ option. Then manage your perm business according to your cash flow needs or depending on the payment terms agreed with your client.

Waiting for invoices to be paid can cause cash flow issues, wasted time chasing debt and in extreme situations recruitment business no longer having the cash flow to be able to trade.

3R Finance have created the UKs only ADHOC 100% finance and back office solution for permanent placements. This means that if a candi- date starts on a Monday we can have 100% of the invoice value in your bank account within 4 working days. It’s a well know fact that clients are dictating greater payments terms and are you in a position to be turning down this business?

We can finance permanent placement with payment terms agreed of up to 60 days!